Exciting times for the scottish reed trio.


You might wonder why I have posted a picture of us dressed in some interesting costumes?!
Well, as a trio things have been fairly quiet for us recently, however we have been involved in a very exciting project with Children’ Classic Concerts.
Their critically acclaimed concert Peter and the Wolf has been a huge success and we have been very lucky to be part of it.
Cath, Fran and I (as the Duck, Cat and Grandfather) still have the joy (and laughs) of playing together, but with the addition of some of our dearest friends. Sounds corny I know, but it’s true!

(Check out some more Peter and the Wolf pics on our photos page).

Not only is this project ongoing as a concert venue project with Children’s classic concerts essential orchestra, but the company have drawn a small ensemble project from this, with the vision of touring some of the more remote areas in Scotland.
6 of us will take this fantastic piece on tour in 2021.

As a result of all the fun and frolics of Peter and the Wolf, we decided to approach Flautist Emma Roche (who plays the delightful and extremely virtuosic bird) to see if she would perhaps expand our ensemble and form The Scottish Wind Quartet.
To our delight Emma said yes!
We are very excited to begin rehearsing (safely socially distanced of course-sorry, I couldn’t do an update without mentioning the ‘C’ word) and hopefully schedule some concerts later in 2021.


We will have both ensembles running simultaneously, so this is not goodbye to the Scottish reed trio.
(2nd July 2020)




Welcome to our site!

This being our 10th Year, we decided a new look website should be in order.

I don’t think we can quite believe it’s been 10 years since our formation and inaugural concert and (I’m not going to put a number to it!) a lot longer than that since we became friends.

In our 10 years together we have all got married and between 2 of us, have 3 mini reed trio successors in the making! Through these big life events though, our love for the music that we play and the performances that we do remains unwavering.

We have been lucky enough to deliver in excess of 40 performances in this time. I think the girls will agree that our tour of Argyll and Bute, premiering a commissioned piece by Oliver Searle, is still one of the highlights. But every concert has its memorable moments. Our family series ‘Tom Toms and Tooters’ in conjunction with Children’s Classic Concerts, is a much-loved concert, as it gives us the opportunity to share our passion with the future generation.

We also take many education projects in to schools.
Delivering music in schools is particularly close to our hearts as we all work in the education system in Scotland and with the continued threat on instrumental tuition, it is always a good thing to keep music ever present.

My aim with this page is to keep you up to date with our goings on and maybe share my musings from time to time.
(28th April 2018)


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